We're not for everyone, but that's okay.

We serve investors that want expert investment advice and seek high quality investments that provide excellent yields with clear risk profiles.

PCI was organized to serve our current clients, most of whom we have known for multiple decades. We realized that in order to best serve our investing partners and clients that we must offer a broad, yet intimate and personal service. 2015 was a watershed year where we hired, trained and invested in ourselves to reach a higher level of service. Our principal business of sourcing and structuring investment opportunities remains the same though now the benchmark is our clients' happiness and satisfaction.   Real estate and real estate financial instruments are PCI's principal offerings however, our modus is contrarian in nature which allows us the space to be curious and investigate opportunities that might be overlooked, mismanaged or new and emerging.

We’re not for everyone but that’s OK. Let’s talk and  determine if joining forces makes sense.  

Join us.