Private Client Investments (PCI) acts also as a capital advisory service focused on providing its clients—brokers, lawyers, investors and entrepreneurs, CPA’s and Wealth Managers-- with advisory and funding solutions in real estate.  

Our focus is on less traditional real estate investments and advisory services such as syndications, 1031 exchanges, real estate funds and spec home construction. PCI is expert in critical areas of real estate and contributes its experience and expertise to assure that underwriting is efficient and timely, and that due diligence is rigorously pursued.  Our experience allows us to accept capital requests that require speedy turn times, despite their complexities.

We only structure non-consumer investment requests for ourselves and specific investors or co-investors. PCI pursues off-market transactions and will not broker deals it declines. Our firm is principally focused on transactions that need high velocity and expert action.  Though not exhaustive, the following is a list of the most typical transactions in which we offer our services:

  • Acquisition of discounted performing and non-performing notes (seller carry-backs OK)
  • Private Note hypothecations (Debt against notes)
  • Junior Debt (second trust deeds) against multi-residential and all commercial assets-- max $1mm
  • All Apartment and Commercial Debt or Acquisitions (premium rates) <$5mm
  • We arrange value-add real estate (Off market, short-sale, trustee sale, flip, wholesale) <$10mm